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Nancy L. Keller

When Nancy was a little girl, her heart was beating for cats, nature and the studies of plants and creatures living in there (especially the ones with 6 or 8 legs or crawling…and Frogs!).

After high school she was first trained as a certified patent paralegal in 2004, working as a freelancer for different National and International patent law firms since 2008. However, this was more likely one of the decisions that are made based on a pure rational motivation. Being mostly in charge of medical engineering patent files, she was reminded of her passion for healing on a daily basis.

Once having settled after some turbulent years and several movings, Nancy further decided to study traditional medicine. She graduated as an alternative practitioner in 2013, followed by special trainings in integrative medical hypnosis and biological cancer therapy besides her paralegal work.

Nancy Linda Keller

She more and more realised that the body is “only” an instrument of the mind. That the law of attraction is a natural law that works just as precisely as the law of gravity. She started to study the teachings of Napoleon Hill, Wallace D.Wattles, Bob Proctor and several others more intensively then back in 2006, when she read Rhonda Byrne’s “The secret” for the first time.  

Nancy L. Keller Unicornfly

“I try my best to give this knowledge and the understanding of the universal law of attraction and vibration to all my patients I treat in my practice. No matter what their issue is or what type of therapy they get. Since I’ve been doing this, I saw some great development and achievement happen besides their physical healing. And as alternative medicine has always known through the ages, you cannot heal a body completely, when the mind remains ill.

Patients sometimes turn into students and stay with me for a little longer. That is what I like about mentorship. And with the possibility of the web and public speaking, you can reach so much more people. And if they are able to grasp at least a part of it, chances are that they can heal themselves – just as my 1 on 1 mantees do – mentally and physically. There is success…and then there is watching somebody having success with your help.”

Besides that, Nancy joined OMG in January 2017 to be trained in web development and digital marketing by the world’s best. Continuing to take part in several master mind groups with like-minded people worldwide, she founded the e-commerce jewelry store together with her husband in 2018 followed by her personal coaching page. 

Nancy believes in maintaining multiple sources of income and is keen about teaching motivated and focused people how to change their lives for good.

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